Wedding Bouquet Ideas With a Difference

While it’s lovely to keep some elements of your wedding traditional, it can also be a blast to experiment with other aspects. Your wedding flowers present a wonderful opportunity to play around with unexpected textures, colours and styles of flowers. Here’s some of our favourite combinations to try – you can even visit our Auckland flower shop to pick out some bold bunches for yourself!

Coloured kale

Aside from being a powerful superfood, did you know kale also comes in some stunning decorative varieties? This is known as ornamental kale in the world of florists, available in beautiful shades of green, white and purple. Ornamental kale can be found with round, jagged or ruffled leaves, allowing you to add plenty of interesting texture to your bouquet.

Striking succulents

Succulents are very on trend right now, and can even be worked into your wedding bouquet. Available in a range of delightful shades and textures, succulents can look stunning when grouped together. If you’re afraid that an all-succulent bouquet might look too rustic, you can always break it up with a few blooms.

Dried flowers

Nothing looks more romantic than these dainty beauties. Lavender and wildflowers are a classic choice, adding a soft, natural element to your wedding bouquet. The best part is, they’ll last long after your wedding finishes!

Gorgeous greenery

Who says bouquets have to be all pinks and reds? Plants are just as much of a worthy addition to your bouquet as flowers are, with foliage creating a natural, rustic feel that is to die for. You might want to add a touch of baby’s breath to the bunch to give the foliage the dainty touch it needs.

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