Why You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

In order for an air conditioner to function properly, you will have to maintain the unit regularly. Not maintaining your unit will result in declined performance and worse air quality in your house.  The most important task when maintaining your air conditioner is to change the filters. This will make the unit work more efficiently. We have listed the most important reasons why you should maintain your air conditioning unit on a regular basis.

You’ll improve the air quality in your home

An air conditioner does so much more than just cool your home; it also helps keeping the air inside your home clean and healthy. A dirty air conditioner is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould to grow. When you turn on the unit, it will blow the dirt, mould or bacteria into the air of your home. This can cause allergies and asthma attacks.

You’ll save money

An air conditioning unit that is not taken care of will most likely end up costing you more money in repair costs than it would cost you to maintain it. A dirty air conditioner will cost you more money because it is forced to work harder, which requires more power. Having a contractor checking it regularly will extend its life and make it work more efficiently.

You will keep your house and family safe

An unmaintained air conditioning unit will collect dust and dirt, which can clog the system. This can in turn cause parts to break and fires to start. Air conditioning services Auckland involves checking many parts of the unit, such as the filter, motor, thermostat and wiring, to ensure they are working properly.

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