5 Business to Business Marketing Strategies that Matter to Tech Companies in 2019

In a day and age in which technology tools are making it easier to create smarter, more effective marketing strategies, it’s easy to get lost in how rapidly things are changing. Brands and businesses are trying to keep up with trends that seem to evolve as every month passes. When it comes to business to business marketing, IT companies are looking to get ahead by using technology marketing strategies that work in 2019. After all, the marketing strategies of five or ten years ago may no longer apply to how diverse the customer journey is nowadays with multiple marketing touch points. The conversion funnel has gotten more unique as the times have gone by and this year, we’re looking at the different business to business marketing strategies that matter to tech companies in 2019.

Steps to a Successful Overall Business to Business Marketing Strategy Building

Creating (and maintaining) a highly optimised website.

If you are a tech business in 2019, you most likely have a website. But today, simply having a website does not cut it. In order to be competitive in a very diverse technology market, your IT business must be a step ahead when it comes to technology marketing. Therefore it’s important that your website is highly optimised. One of the primary goals of website optimisation is to achieve a better conversion rate. Today’s websites serve as your business to business marketing salesperson, tasked to usher in new clients. In order to build your website into a viable salesperson for your tech company, you must ensure that your website features a clean, simple homepage that’s easy to understand and navigate. This is where you must team up with talented designers and copyeditors to ensure that your website sends the right message both content and design-wise.

Website optimisation also involves getting users to take an action on your page as part of the conversion process and this is highly dependent on your design and messaging. According to Website Builder, design plays a huge role in converting visitors to customers. In fact, higher engagement rates have been reported by companies who have interactive forms and tools on their sites, including calculators, evaluations, quizzes, and the like.

Website optimisation may require you to implement SEO or search engine optimisation strategies so you can better target your audience. Google Analytics is a great tool that will help you measure your advertising ROI. More on performance monitoring later.

Utilising social media to increase brand awareness, widen reach, and drive traffic.

B2B businesses have admittedly been late to the social media party, partly because they think they’re boring, as per Neil Patel. But the key to successful social media marketing is to be not boring. In fact, Patel recommends humanising the experience by featuring an actual, real person. This can be done by using a first-person voice for various communication or featuring real people with real names in customer service and even on posting updates. Patel also recommends that in order to succeed in business to business marketing, tech companies must look beyond social media functions and “create a social media movement.” We’re not recommending going viral instantly, but instead, tech companies must think about long term benefits such as increasing brand awareness, widening your reach, and driving more traffic to your website. This slow but steady movement will help establish online credibility, making B2B clients see the value that you add to their business or the way they do their work.

Crafting valuable content for higher engagement.

Speaking of adding value, business to business marketing is often most successful when your company adds value to your audience’s lives. When you create valuable content for the right people, they are more likely to respond with higher engagement. Valuable content may be infographics, case studies, stories on thought leadership, webinars, tutorials, and more. If you offer something of value to your audience, they are more inclined to give you their information, which is the primary step in lead nurturing. Insivia reports that there are two primary benefits to delivering valuable content, one being a faster conversion to the next stage of the funnel. The other benefit of creating valuable content as part of your technology marketing strategy is that you build a positive brand impression. If you consistently provide information and content that helps your audiences solve a real-life problem, they’re more likely to think of your brand or come to your business for other needs.

Personalising content to foster better relationships.

Your technology marketing strategy does not end with creating valuable content. Taking it a step further, your content must be personalised. Content personalisation enables you to address specific problems that your target audiences have. Segmenting your audience into categories can help you better understand who they are, what they need, and how you can better address those needs. It also enables you to plan your business to business marketing better—by anticipating their future content needs more accurately.

Monitoring performance for evaluation and future strategies.

One of the most important parts of business to business marketing is monitoring performance. The information that you retrieve from performance tools such as Google Analytics helps you gauge how well-received your marketing actions are to your audiences. Such tools will help determine which parts of your website have the highest engagement and what you can do to improve pages that are not being engaged with as much as the others. These tools can also help you determine which types of content work well with different segments, enabling you to strategise for the future more effectively.

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