Discover the Various Different Meanings behind Roses

Roses. Such a universal flower. Typically known to be given as a romantic gesture, their limits do not stop there. Discover the various different cryptic messages that lie beneath the simple gift of sending a bouquet of roses.




Probably known to be the most common colour that is associated with Roses, they are a symbol of love and romance. If you are wanting to show someone that you love them, red is the colour to go.



White roses represent a pure innocence. Often used in weddings, they are used to celebrate a beautiful, joyous moment.



The colour of friendship. Historically yellow roses were a sign of jealousy and cheating behaviour, however in today’s era their meaning has had quite the shift. Yellow roses are now given to celebrate beautiful friendships.



Stereotypically, what do you think of when you think of a soft pink colour? Elegance and Sweetness is what is associated with pink roses.



Due to their fiery nature in colour, orange roses represent excitement and passion. Celebrating an exciting event, perhaps a job promotion? Orange is the colour to pick.



Gratitude and appreciation is the message delivered through peach roses. Next time you want to show someone a sign of thanks, send them a beautiful bouquet of peach roses.



The perfect winter flower due to its rich colouring and unique nature. Represents an unconscious beauty.



Due to it’s unique colouring, not quite pink, not quite orange, it only makes sense that salmon coloured roses represent desire and excitement.



Colours are not the only subtle meaning that can be delivered via roses, as the number of roses you choose to give can represent a certain meaning as well. A single rose can be given as a way to say thank you. Two roses presented together delivers a subtle meaning of marriage (asking for ones hand in marriage). Note, the colour of rose also plays a role here. If you are wanting to represent a sign of unity and everlasting love, present one red and one white rose. Six roses delivers the message of wanting to be loved. Eleven roses represents a true love that you have for one another, whilst thirteen roses indicates a secret crush/admirer.


Who would have thought that there were so many cryptic messages that need to be considered when purchasing roses for a loved one or to celebrate a particular event. For your next flower delivery, visit a florist in Auckland. The Botanist are award-winning florists who deliver unconventional and undeniably beautiful flowers. Time poor? Take advantage of online flower delivery


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