What to Take on a Yoga Retreat

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Packing for your first ever yoga retreat can be challenging! You will feel like you are forgetting so many things. Many people will often struggle with packing for a retreat when they aren’t exactly sure what to expect once they arrive. A lot of yoga retreats will already have a yoga mat for you to use and other yoga accessories, so I have gathered a few other essentials which you should always consider packing, these include:

Yoga clothing

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Can you imagine being in the Lotus position in your jeans or even a tightly fitted skirt? Talk about uncomfortable! It is important that you pack a range of yoga outfits for your retreat to ensure you can experience complete comfort and make the most of the classes. Essential yoga clothing includes active leggings and comfortable tops. But make sure you don’t only pack a t-shirt or singlet style top because it can often get rather cold being in a yoga pose for a long duration of time, pack some long sleeves tops.

Small towel

small towel

Yoga can get fairly intense at times, so you will often require a small towel to wipe anyway any excess sweat. It can be so uncomfortable dripping in sweat and not being able to do anything about it, so make sure you take a small towel to fully concentrate and enjoy your yoga classes.



Depending on your retreat, some yoga classes will involve outdoor classes or a lot of relaxing outdoors. So, to protect your skin from harmful UV rays make sure you pack a bottle of sunscreen.



If your yoga retreat does involve outdoor yoga make sure you have a pair of sunglasses ready, because it is uncomfortable having to squint to see your instructor. When you are packing your sunglasses, it could be beneficial taking a sunglasses chain or ensuring your sunglasses are the sporty style to avoid them from sliding straight on the ground mid yoga pose.



A yoga retreat is a great time for you to self-reflect, and the best way to do this is by writing it in a journal. Taking a journal will allow you to bring notes back home and read your thoughts to reconnect with your feelings, allowing you to dig deeper and maintain a clearer mind after leaving your retreat.


This short list is just a few essentials to get your mind thinking about what you might be forgetting, so make sure you don’t limit yourself to just these items. I also thought of a few things you should avoid taking (if possible), these include your work laptop and apps with your work email to allow you to completely shut off from work, and any young children because you need a break and some time to focus on yourself for once.

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